Saturday, April 24, 2010

humerous trip to gilbert! ~timarie

so on my way to gilbert last night i had quite a few moments of cracking up out loud with myself so i thought'd i'd share:

first off was the macdonalds sign off arizona ave that states "open at 4am" on the top line and "now hiring" on the bottom line. ..who the HECK thinks "o i need a job, i think i'll apply at the place that opens at FOUR AM!!! NOT!!!"

then another sign, that will only be funny if you are a Lambros, at jiffy lube said "free RAD checks" blahahahaah!! RAD... i'm sure it stood for radior something checks, but it just made it sound like they were offering "check-ups for RAD (cool) people" so i thought that was pretty funny.

then to top off the usually dry, ugly, boring, quiet trip to gilbert that i am used to... i stopped to pick up our take-out at pei wei and the guy hands me my meal and says "need extra chop sticks?" as he's assuming my answer will be yes, because of the LARGE quantity of food we ordered, and was already putting more in the bag. in my head and almost out loud i'm like "umm NO, my sister is pregnant and i just eat a lot... we WON'T be needed EXTRA chopsticks thank you very much"

okay so that probably doesn't sound that funny, but i thought it was :)
just makes me want to be brian regan who totally takes the normal funny things in life and then makes an entire comedy show out of it :)


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