Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Picture MOM

This sunflower is a picture of summer for me I love to plant the sunflower seeds each spring and wait for the big beautiful flower to peek over the backyard wall. Sunflowers are so bright and cheerful and a sure sign that summer is here! Remember those sunflower outfits I used to wear I cringe thinking about them now !

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day-MOM

I am so very grateful for the awesome father's in our family starting with Daddy. We are so blessed to have godly creative and sensitive daddy's who love and cherish their wives and children!

My cute people - becky*

Friday, June 18, 2010

My precious little Alex! ~Timarie


Determined to love God with his whole heart!
Amazing- my dad is an amazing husband and father. Dad, the way you love mom is such an example of how I would like to be loved someday by my husband and how you have continued to love each of us kids through each of our various seasons of life is such a blessing!
Destined to talk to everyone he knows about fly fishing and fantasy baseball :)
Dependable- whenever I need to talk about something with dad, I can walk into his office, or call him and he's always there to walk me through something, or let to talk or cry if something is going wrong, he's always there for good advice and to focus me on the Cross.
Youthful- this may seem like a weird word to describe my dad BUT his youthfulness blesses me. I mean, who else's dad works out with them? come on! I love that my dad loves the singles, will go out for ice cream at the drop of a hat, and loves to hang out with kids still!

Daddy... you are the best dad a girl could ask for! and we are three very blessed chicks!

love you, ~T-pot

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Top Ten for Daddy

Ten things I love about Dad:

1. He's madly in love with, and pursues his relationship with mom - so inspiring and encouraging, they make me look forward to thirty years of marriage!
2. Dad makes everyday things exciting - everything is a game, a competition or a party! The other day while we were waiting in line, I taught Drew, Bella and friends "races" - a classic dad game when we used to have to wait around as kids, love it. :)
3. No complaining - I think it used to be because dad was always upbeat but its been great to see dad grow also in gratefulness to the Lord for everything.
4. He likes to try new things - from exercise plans to business plans to hobbies, we're always wondering whats going to be next....I think it keeps him young.
5. Dad hasn't stopped growing - there's always new evidence of God's work in Dad's life as he continually pursues Him year after year, I hope to be the same even in my old age :)
6. A great Grandad - it means so much to me that Dad loves my kids and enjoys spending time with them, especially since spending time with them is a little high-maintenance at this point, haha. From fishing to donuts, to books before bed, memories are being created and my kids are definitely huge grandad fans!
7. He makes family time a priority - it used to be family night, family devotions, dates with us. Now its family vacation, monthly visits and family dinner's on the patio, all so important to each of us and I'm thankful that dad taught us how and still makes it happen.
8. Dad loves the church - I always remember spending so much time at church and dad loving it, so we did too. Mostly the people, its definitely what gets him excited.
9. Evangelism as a lifestyle - grocery lines, door to door salesmen, soapbox preaching, people living with us, life 101, long-time relationships, you name it, dad's done it. I remember when he used to play basketball at the park and the guys would always say "Jesus Christ" in a cursing kind of way, and dad would point at them and say "is Lord and Savior".....bahahaha.
10. Of course, the thing I love most about dad is that he taught me how to love the Lord, even when I was being a major pain and it wasn't so fun, for this I'm forever grateful.

Happy Birthday/Fathers Day Daddy!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Top Ten for the Summer

1. Swimming - duh :) I get to swim all year long but there's just something different and getting toasty in the sun and jumping in a cold pool. Three times a day. So glad my kids love it too!
2. Eyeliner and lipgloss - the only make up necessary if you're already sunkissed, love it.
3. Blonde Hair - the blonder the better in my opinion :) Actually it used to just be the sun and chlorine but now I have a little extra help.
4. Garden - not mine, matts but hey, its fun and he does it every summer. Salsa stuff and this year a lot more, he's so adorable.
5. Zucchalini - the name I made up for sauteed zucchini with cottage cheese. So yummy and we usually have an abundance of zucchini from the garden.
6. Iced tea from AJ's - I go everyday, so does matt. Its only fifty cents!
7. Dinner on the patio
8. Summer swim team. Aw memories....this year I'm a REAL swim team mom, omg :) I kinda still wish I could throw on a speedo and jump in and race at the meets (last year I did, haha).
9. Novels - for some reason, I only read them in the summer.
10. Smoothies - the perfect summer breakfast.



Happy Birthday Daddy!

50 years is a long time. I've been thinking a lot about how to best honor you with my words this week. Thinking about a lot of fun times, a lot of things I've learned from you, a lot of changes I've seen in you. (Good ones of course.)

You make everything fun. Seriously. I remember when you re-roofed the Watercress house and you let me come up on the roof with you and made up a game for me. Seriously? What kind of a guy a)re-roofs his own house b) lets his kid up there with him c) isn't so busy complaining about it that he takes the time to make up a game for me to play with shingles? Member scripture memory contests for family devotions? Those are the random weird things, not to mention vacations, Monday night wrestling, and of course Mr. Mom nights! Thanks!

It's amazing how much more you appreciate your parents once you've become one! I look back and think about how much you've taught me by example from being a great dad. I think one of the coolest things I've been thinking about lately is how you involved us in all areas of your life, and kind of brought us along for the ride. I remember going to work with you, going to pick-up basketball at the park, going to Excel presentations, walking door to door collecting signatures, going to Auto Zone for the 100th time to get a part for the car, going to Wildcat games, whew! we did it all! I love that you just brought us along through all of that--it certainly made our day. Maybe you just did it cause mom was like, "If you're going to be away another night you gotta take some of the kids!" but whatever the reason I think it helped me be a well rounded kid. And it certainly taught me that life wasn't all about me and that the world is a bigger place than just me and my friends. You knew we loved being with you, so you let us. Thanks!

You've changed a lot. You're a lot more humble, you're a lot more focused on other people (and you already were in the first place!), and you're a better husband/friend to mom. And the fact that you weighed in at 189 on your 50th birthday is pretty huge! I mean I think it's pretty amazing grace that you have opened up ALL areas of your life to God to let him change you--you're not keeping any areas under lock and key. That's humility! Next, I think one of the best legacies you have passed onto your children is your focus and love for other people. Yes you do have 4 socialization junkies, but also seeing your example of caring for those people, is really challenging, and allows us to put into action our enjoyment of others, not just for ourselves but in order to serve them. You model this and excel at it. Finally, it's so great to see my parents still working at being married, not easing into old bad habits. I'm so thankful for the example of pursuing each other even after 29 years. It's made you a better husband and your marriage is a great example to many around you. Thanks!

I love you dad! Sorry I couldn't find a picture of us, they were all of my kids. You're amazing, I hope you have a great birthday even if you don't have a big party. (Which I will forever be bummed!)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daddy's 50th birthday!

It has really been fun spending Daddy's 50th birthday with him fly fishing! One of the things I have always liked about daddy is his ZEAL! His zeal for life, for me for his family for his church and now I have been able to experience in person his zeal for fly fishing. I love how excited he gets and how he wants everyone around him to be as thrilled as he is. I feel so honored he wanted to share his love for fly fishing and his 50th birthday with me. I did loved being in the mountains and beautiful streams with him and swinging(I mean casting) the delicate long fly rod but I did take a few naps and did some reading while daddy fished and fished. It has been a great get a way with my best friend hope we can spend another 50 years together!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer's top 10 ~Timarie

1. taking trips
2. running after 7pm because it is still light out
3. no homework
4. not having a set schedule
5. swimming laps at the community center
6. eating late dinners outside when it starts to cool off
7. watermelon and bbq's
8. sangria
9. wearing shorts
10. finding way to cook without turning on the oven


My top ten things I love about summer-MOM

1. The beautiful flowers
2. The variety of fresh fruit especially watermelon and cherries
3. Going on our beach vacation
4. Going to the Mountains (I'm there now and getting ready to go on a picnic and fly fishing with daddy for his birthday)
5 Water Aerobics
6 The hot sun on my skin
7.Lazy days with a slower routine
8.Lots of barbequeing and trying new things on the barbeque
9.Fourth of July fire works
10.I like when summer finally ends in early October and it finally cools off

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Top Ten Things I Love About Summer--Nicole

So I'm having major picture dilemas (sorry mom). Thus you'll have to be satisfied with my top ten list.

10. Sun bathing
9. Dresses (Especially on cute little girls)
8. Grilling
7. Iced Tea
6. Vacations!!
5. The Beach
4. Siting by the pool (no matter how small it is)
3. Tons of delicious fruits and veggies in season
2. Sleeping with the windows wide open. (One of the many perks of living in Cali)
1. Flip Flops