Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter in Pasadena

He has risen!....Lets eat candy!

Happy Easter! We are rejoicing that Jesus is alive with all of our favorite, bible stories, fun outfits, candy, baskets and a big dinner in a few hours!

Here are your pictures mommy :) I couldn't find the camera this morning so Nora has the ones where they are all happy but this should do for now, I like the ones of them looking for their baskets, they are so intense! haha

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

When I was growing up my mom and dad would have us kids stop what ever we were doing on Good Friday between 1:00pm and 3:oo pm and we had to be quiet and lay on our beds and think about Jesus dying on the Cross. I remember not liking to do this and wondered why it was called Good Friday. Now that God has renewed my heart and mind I understand why the Cross although gruesome and awful it is the only way our sin could be atoned for . I could not help but take some some this Good Friday and meditate on the Cross that had set me free from sin and death this is very good news!

"For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing , but to us who are bing saved it is the power of God" 1 Corinthians 1:18

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celebrating 25 years at St. Mary"s Hospital

Fun night at LaPaloma to stop and celebrate God's grace to me and our family by providing such a flexible and well paying job to help provide for our family and do a few extra fun things like vacations and home improvements over all these years! I am very thankful to work in an environment that acknowledges there is a God and where prayer is encouraged and even prayed allowed each morning ,noon and evening. Thankful for my boss Janet and all the great people I work with who are dedicated to excellent patient care. Thankful for a career when I can use skills and care to help others in their times of need and share in a practical way the love extended to me through Christ my Lord and Savior!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too Many Rain Days--Nicole

What to do with two toddlers, a new baby and a week of rain...

This is fun, try it :)

Saw this on a favorite blog of mine and thought it would be fun! Plus I'm running out of things to do while nursing :)

Cinnamon Rolls for Moms2moms tomorrow
Cooking : Sweet Potato Fries!

Drinking : Water, I already used up my two cups of coffee :(

Reading: One Thousand Gifts

Wanting: a mini van :)

at my spring flowers out front!
Playing: with my kid's bubble machine, I'm so fascinated!

the earth, one diaper and starbucks cup at a time
Sewing: a nursing cover for Cynthia

Wishing: that the department of homeland security would all of the sudden become the most efficiently-run business ever and call Matt tomorrow

my time alone this morning gardening while the kids were at school (who am I? Mom?!)
Waiting: for my hair to grow
Liking: Kashi's TLC oatmeal and dark chocolate cookies
omg they are so good and don't give me a migraine!
Wondering: if Bella is ever going to complete her entire quiet time without coming out :)

Loving: swimming with my heart-baby on Tuesday nights, Baby and Me never gets old, its something I'll always remember loving to do with my babies.

: for lots of things....

Marvelling: that I get to hope because God keeps his promises
Needing: a tropical vacation with my hubby and no one else :)

Smelling: the sticky white sappy stuff that got all over me when trimming the jasmine vine

Wearing: double tanks and mom-shorts :) I did actually do my hair 2day :)

drewby outside to see what he built 2day during quiet time. A pool for me. Awwww. It has a pump, filter, slide, diving board and lifeguards (they also double as star wars action figures)
Noticing: that Bella can write her name....when did that happen?

Knowing: that my house is going to look like this every day at 3pm for the next five years and its okay with me because I have a dance to do and a lego swimming pool to go take a dip in....

about jumping into my car and driving to California cause I miss Cole
Bookmarking: this recipe. Also this hilarious post that I found when trying to get more info on peanut butter :)
Opening: a new box of diapers. Exciting.
Giggling: over Bella's new dance ad Eli trying to copy it
Feeling: excited about my herbs popping up in their pots (I always think its never going to happen)