Friday, January 29, 2010

Kitchen Aid--Nicole

I feel like I now have a rite of passage as an actual cook. Now that I own one, it's like I actually really truly am a serious cook. I mean I have it sitting on my counter and everything. I really never thought I would actually get to own one until I was like a mom of 4, driving to soccer practice, teaching my teenager to drive, baking tons of cookies for a bake sale for one of the kids classes--you know like a real mom. :) But there it sits on my counter with it's shiny red brightness, awaiting my use.

And I really have been using it. It's totally true that you use it more if it's on the counter--I use it for basically anything that needs stirring. It's like having an extra servant in my kitchen, seriously!

So thanks to my amazing hubby who bought me this for Christmas (hence the obnoxious photo--sorry Beck) and for Becky who was the middle woman finagling a deal on Craig's List. I may not be Julia Child or even Rachel Ray, but at least I have one of the key tools in my kitchen!

My kitchen aid - becky*

Well mine doesn't exactly look like this one, but I love the green, cute pic anyways :) haha. While mine is old and white and not as cool as mom and Nicole's new ones, it is still by far my favorite kitchen appliance (well, except for the coffee maker but that falls more under the survival appliances).

Mine was given to me a few years ago (for once I've started a family trend, not Nicole) and I was wondering if it was even worth the space to store such a monstrosity, boy was I wrong! It's practically saved my baking life!

The best part is that Drew can use it and loves it (mostly because its a machine and has buttons), he has baked with me ever since he could stand up and can now successfully make a cake mix or brownie mix all on his own, so cute!

I've recently discovered that it was a wheat-grinding attachment, rad! Not that walking over to Aunt Mary's is such a big deal, but if I ever move away....

Some of my favorite recipes to make with my kitchen aid include but are not limited to the following: Cinnamon Rolls, Sugar Cookies, Pizza Crust, ohhhhh, and my new fav, Nora's biscotti:

3 1/3 cup flour
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 t. salt

beat on med speed--
1/4 c canola oil
1 1/4 c sugar
3 lg eggs
1 tsp lemon zest
1 tsp orange zest
1 tsp almond extract
1 tsp vanilla

--add flour to wet ingredients.
Shape dough into two flat logs
Bake for 25 min at 375.
Let cool. Slice. Rebake at 20 minutes, turning once. Or what I do is bake them lower temp for 20 min, then let them "cool" in the oven overnight.

Happy Baking to all Kitchen Aid lovers,


Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Red Kitchen Aid-MOM

My most surprising gift came in the mail two weeks before Christmas just in time for Christmas baking. I opened this big box to find my mom had sent us a red (my favorite color and my kitchen color) Kitchen Aid. That evening the whole family,( that is that still lives at home) became involved with the baking ( guys like machines and this is quite a machine) We all made a double batch of pumpkin chocolate chip bread, a batch of hello dolly's and a batch of sugar cookie dough. This usually takes me three separate days to make and we had it done all in one night! I cleared a place on the counter and am frequently reminded of my mom generousity and other ways I can use it like twice baked potatoes. Having a kitchen aid is exactly like it's name ,it is like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. How did I ever live without one?

Favorite Fiction A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers-MOM

My favorite fiction writer is Francine Rivers I like how she combines historical events with the gospel and creates fictional characters that seem so real. When I read one of her books I feel as though I am living life though that character and even after I put the book down I am still pondering what will happen next or how would the character react in the next situation. Her books have a distinctness between good and evil and a redeeming part that points me to an aspect of the gospel. I have enjoyed all of her books and Redeeming Love would probable be my favorite but since Timarie chose that one my next favorite would be A Voice in the Wind. The main character in this book Haddasah often comes to mind her selfless courageous faith in God is compelling. I have read it several times and have thoroughly enjoyed it each time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Favorite Book (Fiction) Ever--Nicole

UNCLE TOM'S CABIN by Harriet Beecher Stowe

When Abraham Lincoln first met Harriet Beecher Stowe, he said to her, "So this is the little lady who made this big war." This book has it all: history, drama, love, anguish and a bittersweet ending. It's not the most amazing writing I've ever read, but it is definitely still my favorite fiction book. It is also one of the best Christ-like characters I know of in fiction. I hope they never make a movie out of it because they would never ever get Uncle Tom correct. It is one of those books that you have to read in your lifetime, right up there with Old Yeller and The Chronicles of Narnia. Read it, you won't be sorry. Can't wait to read it out loud to my girls!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Redeeming Love ~Timarie

So, yes Nicole this was the only fiction book I could think of reading over the past year... BUT back me up Bec... this book is fantastic!!! O My Gosh, SO GOOD!!! I finally read it and could barely set it down! It was my Costa Rica vacation book and it was the perfect trip to read it on 1. because it was a two week lounge vacation with lots of reading time 2. the season I was in and things God had planned for me ON that trip with boys and relationships AND 3. of course because I was with two other girls I got to talk about the intense love story with. Many good conversations were had on that wonderful trip and this book's contents were some of them! This book is the story of Hosea from the bible told in a fiction story and is SO intense and gripping and makes you think so intently about our Savior's love for us, his bride! Not only did it intrigue me to more intently read the book of Hosea in the bible but also study Christ love for me, his bride as well.

"Husbands, love your wines, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, so that he might present the church to himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle of any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish. In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies." -Ephesians 5:25-28

I would encourage all girls (over the age of 18 or maybe even older) to read this book!
SO GOOD! ~Timarie

PS the book's cover page is far to ridiculous to put on the blog... wouldn't you agree? makes me laugh though :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

B&B nights... my new thing! ~Timarie

No this is not a "go green" post, although I am definitely into recycling! My lone beer bottle in the bin just reflected my evening and dad also thought it was kinda picturesque when he walked by, so I captured it via camera. I have decided that on home along nights, when I'm tempted to come up with a 100 +1 reasons why I feel sorry for myself, should not be home alone, or other ridiculous discontented untruths, that I'm going to have "Beer and Bible" nights!!! Beer because it's delicious, and bible because I need TRUTH to combat my sinful self, to be renewed, and to use it's double edged sword sharpness to dig into my heart and reveal what is really there?! So I had my first B&B night tonight, and it was delightful. Studied friendship in the bible, enjoyed a brewski (where does dad come up with his words?) and besides, who am I kidding, I LOVE being home alone! I guess it just hits you differently on different nights...


Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Fav book of all time - becky*`

Awwww, I have so many memories of reading this book! The first time mom read it to us after lunch on homeschool days, reading it on vacation when I was 10, 12, 25 haha. I'm pretty sure it didn't have the cover since Grammy found it used for us, I don't really remember the pictures.

I think I love it since its about sisters, and because its about nothing significant. Just silly stories that come about when you have three girls who love being together and drive each other nuts all at the same time.

Can't wait to read it to Bella....


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Influence from the Lambros Chicks--Nicole

Ah, a week in AZ to visit the fam. Super fun. Tons of work. Couldn't have done it without my amazing friend Jenna who spent the whole week helping me with the girls. (Jonathan was out of town, so I was flying solo...kinda) It was so nice to be back today at my job of caring for these kids and this home. Grains are soaking, smells like bleach, picked up my food from the co-op, made a Trader Joe's run. (I know mom, I need to start some laundry...I'll get there.)

Anyway, as I was doing all of these things today I was thanking God for the Lambros chicks I was able to spend my week with. I'm so thankful I have them as influences in my life. They really are some amazing, godly women and each time I get to hang out with them in person I really come away challenged and motivated to be more like them.

Mom: She's always looking for something to do with whatever time she has. 5 minutes? Empty the dishwasher. 30 minutes? Run to the store to grab the missing ingredient for dinner. 60 minutes while the kids are sleeping? Clean up, talk to dad, make a list for the store, check email. She is a vision of the Titus 2 woman being "busy in the home." Thanks mom for the constant example of Nike in the domestic life. (Just Do It)

Becky: I generally come away from Becky challenged to look out for my appearance. I don't mean to make her sound superficial at all. I usually come back from Becky's with a new idea for my hair, a new fashion trend, some new amazing makeup addition. But what I really seem to come away with is a desire to please my husband by looking great! She does such a great job of honoring Matt in this area. It's so easy to put my hair in a ponytail, but Jonathan likes it down and styled. It's easy to wear a t-shirt and jeans, but it's also good to dress up too. Becky makes doing these things look good and fun too! Thanks for the beauty tips, but also for reminding me to romance and woo my husband!

Timarie: She really values other people's input in her life. (Even from bub!) Really values. Like she actually listens to it and changes her ways because of it. That humility is something that I need. Even her New Year's resolution about chilling out a bit more. She wrote it as kind of a joke, but it's not really and it's mostly cause others around her have encouraged her to slow down life a bit. Humility mixed with motivation to change. No wonder she's so amazing! Thanks T both for listening and applying what others input into your life.

Aunt Mary: Okay, so she doesn't actually post on this blog, but she is a Lambros chick and she is amazing and she certainly challenges me, so I'm including her. Everytime I hang out at Aunt Mary's house I'm challenged to be a better housekeeper. Her house is seriously the cleanest home I regularly spend time in. Aunt Mary does an amazing job of having a spotless home, but making you feel so welcome, you're comfortable enough to hang out, make a mess without fear of ruining her life. It's so peaceful to hang out in a clean home. But it's even more peaceful to hang out in a clean home that you don't feel terrible if your toddler litters with toys. Thanks Aunt Mary for showing me it's possible to have a clean oven, but also for not blinking an eye when I leave the bathroom mirror covered with water spots. You're amazing!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Resolutions 2010 ~Timarie

I'm just really not into resolutions this year... I actually don't think that the reality of the new year has even hit me... maybe that is why :) But alas I have a few... and also a few things I just want to do this year!

1) Take time just to chill, not think about anything, truly de-stress/relax. (I know you are all rolling your eyes knowing this won't happen, but really I'm going to try)
2) Go to a concert
3) Figure out a way to GET UP when the alarm goes off. (this was last year's and I failed terribly)
4) Spend more time intentionally studying and applying the preached word to my life.
5) Do Rosetta Stone regularly and be near fluent my the end of the year!

and those are the only things I've thought about thus far... maybe the New Year will hit me in the days to come... ~T

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh to Resolve........becky*

Some goals for this year:

Stay at home more then less: There were maybe 5 or 6 days last year that I stayed at home the entire day (most of them due to the lack of air conditioning in my car, haha). It was absolutely amazing all that I got done. Things just get done when you don't leave the house (I know mom, you've been telling me this for years) :).

Play with my kids: I'm with them a lot but I'm busy doing chores, cooking, etc. We don't actually play very often but they love it when I do take a few minutes. I remember when mom would play barbies with me, it was a highlight for sure. These days its getting dirty in the sandbox or the fort with my monkeys.

Become better friends with Matt: Oh we love each other, have a great marriage, super romantic, blah blah but Matt loves it when I do things that he likes and lately I've been enjoying just hanging out with him. He's a pretty cool guy (if you haven't noticed). This week its watching his current fav show together: Dirty Jobs. Next week he wants me to go spelunking with him (blah! I hate caves!) Who knows? Next week I'll be out smoking a pipe with him :).

Pursue this eating naturally thing: Where to start, where to relax, where to be a freak, who knows? I feel like I'm swimming in information, desiring to do everything different and constantly being pushed under by the budget and time limitations. Someday I'll be a freak, for now I'm sticking to one thing at a time. Last month: Raw milk and fresh eggs. This month: Kerrygold Irish butter and locally picked oranges. Next month: buy and slaughter my own cow. Jk :)

Start a garden: I know I know! Many failed attempts. I think the "staying at home more" might help this area a little. Plus, Matt is super into gardening so I basically just have to help. So my backyard won't look like Mom's paradise by next year but maybe, just maybe I can sustain life for most of the year :).

Last years goals went pretty well (except the hair). I read, I cleaned my car, I became an olympic swimmer (well I attend the Olympic development class). The Lord has been kind to allow me to grow as a wife, mom, person. I'm truly grateful that I'm not the same girl I was last year. I have some spiritual goals too but I think I'll save those fore care group not the web :)


Sunday, January 10, 2010

My New Year's Res--Nicole

So I'm scooting in at the last minute...girls, what about you? :) It's the short but sweet resolutions/goals this year:

1) encourage more, criticize less
2) let a routine serve my family, not force my family to serve the routine
3) do the little thing that takes 1-5 minutes right now
4) don't look at my computer until lunch when the kids are down
5) read at least 15 minutes per day

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions MOM

I did not always look forward to New Years and making goals. I would make goals with no action plans and the year would fly by and I would be discouraged. I don't remember what year it was another Christmas when daddy bought me yet another planner and taught me how to make an action plan for each goal. Also my motivation to make the most of everyday from Ephesians 5:15 . aheart change from with-in change my motivation. So this year when I pulled out my 2009 I was excited to see where God had grown me with a little discipline on my part, and this further encouraged me to continue in the good work He had begun in me!

2010 Areas for Grow in

1. Read more
Action plan :Read 15 min before bed and 10 min after devotions(read 10 books in 2009 !)will add 10min after my morning devotions this year.
2. Serve more
Action plan:After serving my family first
Serve at the homeless shelter 2x monthly on Tuesday afternoons
Serve Abbey for a mom's afternoon out once or twice a month on Fridays
Serve at our church on greeting team monthly, organize kitchen supplies and keep supplies stocked, serve care group leaders wives more intently and personally i.e.. phone call ,emails lunches and prayer for each of them
Serve with daddy marriage prep class and counseling that comes up
Serve in the Nogolas ministry which leads to my next goal
3.Learn Spanish
Action plan sit down on Monday Wed. and Friday am and do 30min of Rosetta Stone on my computer just like a class in college (I need accountability for this I hardly ever sit down after I come down stairs you girls know that!)
4.Build more muscle (I don't have much)
Action plan :
Increasing my push-ups from 10/day to 20/ day 3-4 times a week
Increasing my sit-ups from 80- to 100/day 3-4 times weekly M-W-F and Sat
Increasing my squats from 10/day to 2o/day 3-4 times weekly
this will all be gradual started yesterday and I'm already sore was lazy over holidays
Continue to walk 40 minutes 3-4 times weekly during the nice weather and hit the pool come summer with a goal to swim 20 laps up from 10 after my water aerobics
Also have 2-3 hikes/month planned until it gets too hot!
5.Take 6 week EKG class at work I have been putting this off for 2 years and it's on my evaluation this is the year!

Sounds like a lot but is is really increasing last years goals with a few extras and I am confident in this that He who had begun a good work in me will continue it until His return or the end of my life here on the earth . I am excited and encourage as I look for ward to how God will grow me in 2010! To Him be the glory great things He has done!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Laundromat ~Timarie

So I know that we are middle class white girls who live in the suburbs but the reality of that truth rarely actually hits me... or a least I don't really think about it much. I guess I just see myself as a normal citizen who lives comfortably... but today I experienced a good reality check:

I went to a laundry mat. Interesting to say the least.

I had to laugh at myself for what a foreign concept this experience was... I mean 20 washers, 10 dryers, a thousand quarters, and people who sit there and stare at their loads of laundry for an extended amount of time... weird! So as a quickly went to how the place was disgusting and if I had to come her on a regular bases how I'd bring a broom and sweep, God quickly reminded me how ridiculously blessed I am, having a washer and dryer just being the beginning of it! I knew people used these places on a regular basis, but I had no idea what it was actually like. I'm such a snob and THAT REALITY definitely struck me today!

A good experience to say the least, ~Timarie

Friday, January 1, 2010

My life is--Timarie

Full of change! When I look back to LAST December, I was thinking about getting married, stoked I had gotten into Nursing School so quickly, and my closest friends were all single! So much changes in just a year! This week is a good reflection as I changed my room around – because I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, hung out with Heather and Tori – both of which are married and in their own apartments learning the joys of caring for a husband and home, and planned a classy Singles CG party – because the more parties you do with the same people the more creative you have to get! College, is so big and seems so long when you begin, but now that I’m a year away from graduating I, all of a sudden am struck with ‘then what am I going to do?’

Life is always interesting and I truly enjoy the craziness of it all! I love that I have a new job or job offer every 6 months – coaching at Trinity has been so much fun, I love it and the golf course wants me back as of yesterday… so I might take on Saturdays! I love that God brings into my life new friendships each season of life – believers and unbelievers! I love that God continues to grow passions He’s placed in my life – for church planting, love for the people in Mexico, and also stirs new ones as time goes on – like my excitement about being in medicine and the opportunities he has ordained for me in this career field!!!

Life isn’t always fun, isn’t always easy, but is always good!!!

And I’m so glad I can honestly say that!! :) ~Timarie

I know the bed isn’t made… but I just wanted to show you how I re-arranged, and yes those are my knew snowboarding sheets!! I know they are boy sheets but I really like them :)

The rest of the changes are just little and everything is simplified and clean!!!

My Life a ferris wheel--Becky

Its a little scary going up, an amazing moment at the top where it doesn’t seem like things could be better, and no big deal on the way back down, you’re ready to do it again.

It seems like the days are crazy, weather its pulling apart a sibling fight, running to preschool, planning a meal, encouraging a husband, running off to work, doing my hair, all the while thinking about whats right and wrong with all of the big and little decisions in life. Sometimes I feel like I just want to come up for air. I can’t remember why I’m holding my rubber spatula and I’m a little scared that I might be doing everything wrong – I’m on the way up.

But then, your 60 lb baby boy tells you your so beautiful and he wants to marry you when he grows up, you’re bratty little girl falls asleep while you are rocking her, your husband surprises you with the twelve days of Christmas gifts or you just have one of THOSE days. Days that make it seem…well…easy, fun, amazing, want to cry cause its so whimsical – you’re at the top, you can’t understand why God has given you so much more then you could ask for, much less deserve.

Those moments and days are like the scent of my Christmas candle that’s still making my home smell sweet a week later. They last all the way down the ferris wheel till you get off and forget the scary part on the way up.

One of my favorite verses that I’ve been thinking about lately…

Romans 8:32

He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?

My Life Is...Like Shopping At Ross--Nicole

Or a Thrift Store, or Norstrom Rack. Whatever your store like that is. But you know whenever you hear someone say, I’m looking for a cute pink shirt. I’m going to check Ross. I mean you know they’re going to be disappointed. Anyone who goes into Ross looking for something is going to be disappointed. On the other hand, if you just go to Ross just to shop for whatever, you usually end up with some super cute shirt for a super amazing deal. That’s just how Ross/Savers/The Rack works. Everyone knows this…right?

Well, that’s how my life is. If I start off the day saying, “I’m going to get my floors clean,” it’s basically a recipe for disaster. You know and I know that’s not going to happen. Or it might actually happen, but then Georgie will spit up on it, or Lyla will bring me her latest handful of dirt mixed with water from the toilet (what is it with toddlers and toilets?) and smear it on the floors. But if I start off the day saying, “I’m going to get whatever comes my way clean,” then I end up with a surprise. Something I hadn’t expected gets clean. Actually, usually a several things get clean.

It’s basically like my husband says: what’s the point of planning? Well, actually, it’s more like God says,

Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.

Oh thank you Lord for two kids to keep me humble and to remind me that your purpose will stand whether or not my floors are clean. And thank you for a husband who reminds me of this in a real and godly way through his lifestyle of trusting in your plans above his own.

My Life Is--Mom

My life is so amazing first because God has saved me and promises eternal life with Him. And then he has given me my best friend and husband of almost 29 years plus four incredible children and if that wasn’t enough 4 soon to be 5 grandchildren! He has given me a wonderful local church extended family and friends. He has blessed me health and a flexible job as an RN. I am one blessed woman and to Him I am very thankful. I can truly say “it is a wonderful Life” even as I sit in the waiting room awaiting the surgeon with the report of Jon’s appendectomy . As I begin a new year I have much to be thankful for .