Sunday, May 30, 2010

I have nothing - becky*`

Yep, not much of a reason why I haven't blogged :) Besides the usual: kids, work, pregnant, busy husband, haha love it :)

Sooo excited for summer though....just got back from gymnastics camp, getting ready for swim team, summer movie tickets, library overdose, popsicles, summer school work with the kids, swim days with friends. Oh yeah, and a baby! :)

Pictures from gymnastics camp, thanks to Auntie for hooking us up and to everyone else for making the first week of summer such a blast!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jonathan was right about trials... ~Timarie

Wow I know, we seriously have dropped the ball on our blog... phew, glad we're back!

So, Nursing School schedules came out last Tuesday and my ALL DAY clinical is scheduled ON SUNDAYS 7a-7p, for the whole semester :( so for 11 weeks straight! When I read it I didn't believe it. Then I freaked out! "How could they do this?" "isn't there some law against this?" "what religious excuse could I use to appeal it?" I couldn't focus at work, all day and the next that is all I could think about!!! "What am I going to do?!?!?!" were the only words in my mind. I wanted to cry. I might have.

But God is good, and no I still don't know what will happen come August when I'm suppose to start my LAST SEMESTER of Nursing school, BUT God has allowed me to see this trail from an eternal perspective. I text some people from my Care Group almost immediately to begin praying for me. That was grace because left to myself I would have tried to just get through this emotional mess myself. Since then, I have been encourage CG peeps and others from my amazing church family to view this trial as from God, and as an opportunity to glorify him in it! I have prayed more earnestly than I have in a long time, and for that I am grateful because it is allowing me to press into God more than I had been, and more consistently. I feel VERY dependent on God in this, and for that I am grateful. He is the only one that can change my school's position. He is the only one that can soften my Nursing School's Headmaster's heart as she reads my appeal letter. HE IS THE ONE ORDAINING THIS, and He has promised it is FOR MY GOOD... and that is awesome! The situation isn't, my often anxious heart isn't, but God is and He is at work! For that I am grateful!

Keep praying please! Hopefully I will hear back from them next week!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miscarriage, Moving, and Missed Sleep

Those are my 3 excuses for having COMPLETELY dropped the ball with this blog. Sorry girls. But I have had a few things to do, and a few things on my mind. Oh and yeah, Lyla and Georgia! :) It hasn't been the easiest spring for me. Georgia has continued to be a poor sleeper, and it seemed like it was getting worse and worse especially around March. Which is when we found out I was pregnant. Wow! That was quite a surprise and definitely took some time to get used to. Here I was in a messy house with mounds of laundry not sleeping, now add on some morning sickness and the thought of another baby! Wow! Yet despite that, we were really excited. Those were weeks when I oscillated between "How the heck am I going to do this!!" and "Aw I love having kids, can't wait til the next one."

And as I was getting used to not sleeping and feeling nauseous and being tired from another life growing, then it stopped. No more baby. Just sadness. And some questions. And the realization that we are so blessed by our families--both by blood and through church. What a blessing it is to have truth spoken to you and meals brought!

And this all happened during Georgie not sleeping well and a week before we moved! We had decided a few months ago to move it with Jonathan's parents (and they graciously agreed) in order to pay off some debt and save some money. So I went to doctor's appointments and raced home to meet a group of ladies to help me pack up my house and put it into storage.

Whew! It's been a lot. So here I sit in the upstairs of my in-laws house, reflecting on God's goodness in my life. A few weeks ago Jonathan had an exhortation to the church,

"You know I was thinking: kids don't make your life any easier. But they do make it better. It's the same as our trials."

Gotta love how my husband communicates: short, simple and profound. That's exactly how I can sum up this spring. I seriously wouldn't trade it. I've grown so much, learned so much, been humbled so much. God is bigger, I am smaller. Isn't that the point of trials in the first place?

So anyway, here I am, back from my blogging hiatus, ready to be the bossy sister and get these girls back to posting! Here's my girls on Easter and as soon as I can get my camera working I'll be posting some updated pics of my girlies.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Summer is almost here! What are your favorite things to do in the summer? What are your favorite memories? come on girls time to blog pretty bad when the newest member to the blog and the slowest on the computer is making this plea!

Happy Mother's Day

A little late on my Mother's day thank you's. First of all I have the best kiddo's ever and everyday is Mother's Day with you all! I especially enjoy seeing My two older daughter's being mommy's to their children. I love all the pictures of my precious grandchildren thanks Nicole and the pedicure Becky can't wait to use. Jon really stepped up to the plate he heard my plea to get my old mother's day bench a new look and repair. these gifts are very sweet and I really like them but you all are my greatest gifts and I get to enjoy you almost everyday in person or via phone. Love you all!