Saturday, October 30, 2010

Caramel Popcorn Balls

Just sent this recipe to bub so thought I'd share.....I pretty much eat my body weight in these every October.

If I'm feeling fat, I make a healthier version that involves organic ingredients and natural sweeteners but what fun is that?

Here we go....

Carmel Popcorn Balls

Okay so this recipe is for one bag of microwave popcorn, have it popped and ready in an over sized bowl.

Heat 1/3 c butter, 1/3 c brown sugar, 1/3 c light kayro syrup and 1/4 t vanilla (optional) in a saucepan until it all melts and is bubbly.

Then add 1/2 t of baking soda and cook about 30 seconds more it will get all puffy, then pour immediately over the popcorn and toss with two spoons.

If, you have any mix-ins, add them at this point (peanuts, marshmallows, choc chips, peanut butter, cinnamon, almond extract) - don't add all of those things at once, ewe.

Spread butter on your hands and then form the balls, place them on cookie sheets with wax paper or foil to set.

Store in a ziploc or airtight container to keep fresh. Best eaten within a few days.

Oh, and p.s. don't try to double it, it doesn't really turn out well. Just make multiple batches.



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