Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is fun, try it :)

Saw this on a favorite blog of mine and thought it would be fun! Plus I'm running out of things to do while nursing :)

Cinnamon Rolls for Moms2moms tomorrow
Cooking : Sweet Potato Fries!

Drinking : Water, I already used up my two cups of coffee :(

Reading: One Thousand Gifts

Wanting: a mini van :)

at my spring flowers out front!
Playing: with my kid's bubble machine, I'm so fascinated!

the earth, one diaper and starbucks cup at a time
Sewing: a nursing cover for Cynthia

Wishing: that the department of homeland security would all of the sudden become the most efficiently-run business ever and call Matt tomorrow

my time alone this morning gardening while the kids were at school (who am I? Mom?!)
Waiting: for my hair to grow
Liking: Kashi's TLC oatmeal and dark chocolate cookies
omg they are so good and don't give me a migraine!
Wondering: if Bella is ever going to complete her entire quiet time without coming out :)

Loving: swimming with my heart-baby on Tuesday nights, Baby and Me never gets old, its something I'll always remember loving to do with my babies.

: for lots of things....

Marvelling: that I get to hope because God keeps his promises
Needing: a tropical vacation with my hubby and no one else :)

Smelling: the sticky white sappy stuff that got all over me when trimming the jasmine vine

Wearing: double tanks and mom-shorts :) I did actually do my hair 2day :)

drewby outside to see what he built 2day during quiet time. A pool for me. Awwww. It has a pump, filter, slide, diving board and lifeguards (they also double as star wars action figures)
Noticing: that Bella can write her name....when did that happen?

Knowing: that my house is going to look like this every day at 3pm for the next five years and its okay with me because I have a dance to do and a lego swimming pool to go take a dip in....

about jumping into my car and driving to California cause I miss Cole
Bookmarking: this recipe. Also this hilarious post that I found when trying to get more info on peanut butter :)
Opening: a new box of diapers. Exciting.
Giggling: over Bella's new dance ad Eli trying to copy it
Feeling: excited about my herbs popping up in their pots (I always think its never going to happen)

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  1. Awww, this was a sweet one! Thanks for joining in! I love your comment about 3pm. I need to remember that some days when the house is a mess :)