Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Georgia!!!--Nicole

My Georgia Lynn turned one! Wow, what a year. I was looking back and don't think I've actually posted once just about Georgia--what a terrible mom blogger I am! But we made it, 2 under 2 for an entire year and now we bravely face two toddlers!

Yes, Georgie has blossomed into quite the toddler. She walked at 11 months and hasn't stopped. She's into things, has opinions, but is still very generous with her smiles. That is definitely her best
feature: her smile! She's definitely more chill than her sister (like that's hard) but is no pushover and certainly has a strong personality all her own. She's another little busy bee, it's humorous to see us putting up all the things we just moved back into place as Lyla exits and Georgia enters the "pull everything out of it's own place" phase of life. It's exciting to see her love for sister: she wants to be and do everything Lyla does. She also has a special smile for her daddy and generally wants to be with him when he's in the room.

We love your Georgia, thanks for all the smiles, and thanks for finally sleeping through the night. (We hit night #7...yipee!!!)

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