Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I love Crystal ~Timarie

So amongst studying like a mad woman, I thought I'd have Crystal over tonight for a little girls night. Mom and Dad are gone and Jon isn't home tonight, so why not! I haven't watched a movie since the semester started!!!
So I decided to make us a nice dinner... it turned out to be GREEN Spaghetti! I know... ridiculous, but actually tasted delightful!
It started with me thinking it'd be a good idea to add some spinach to the sauce:

But then the sauce looked like Pesto, not spaghetti! :) So I added a little more tomatoes and mixed in some cream cheese... and it was delightful!

Of course I was throwing this together after work so I hadn't defrosted any bread... so I used an asiago cheese bagel as toast... put a little salt and garlic on it and toasted it... seriously genius:

All in all it turned out well and Crystal and I enjoyed a nice green spaghetti, bagel toast, salad, and red wine dinner :)

Now we are going to watch "Letter's to Juliet" and paint our nails and eat junk food :)

chow! ~Timarie

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