Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few favorites as of late.....

Thought I'd share a few things that I've been enjoying as of late....

These delightfully cute and surprisingly supportive nighties, I mean if you spend the majority of your life in your pajamas, they might as well be cute ones!

This yummy and very easy Thai Basil Curry recipe, make it with chicken or shrimp. My Sous Chef, Margo, and I served it with "Bun" one of our favorite asian noodle salads, although we added snow peas and sliced mango to ours.

Some great ideas from a book Cole sent Loving the Little Years, Motherhood in the Trenches, like being "Thanksters" not "Cranksters" - drew and I have a very long and very detailed story about "Crankville" and "Thankville", so fun. The book is full of practical and refreshing ideas for this season of being down in the "trenches" of motherhood :)

This one is hard to admit. Okay, as much as I believe in eating real food. Like, come on! I love simple carbs and since I'm basically going to be starving every five minutes until I'm done nursing Eli, this incredible-completely-unhealthful-simple-worth-nothing-cracker is my new favorite! All the crunch of a pretzel, all the buttery softness of a ritz, yum. Especially in the afternoon with a glass of Shiraz :)

Just got this cute swim top, Target has some really cute Tankini's this year and thanks to Mobile Coupons and the clerk who didn't know how to process it correctly, I got $6 off! haha, awesome

Okay, back to trenches :)


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  1. That books looks good Bec, I'll have to check it out!