Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day at the park.....

Since I had a schnazy new bike, we thought we'd give it a whirl at the "dinosaur park" as the kids call it....its actually called the Riparian Preserve but whatever. Its one of matt's favorite places and I don't mind it as long as there aren't too many living things around (which, unfortunately is kinda of the point of the whole place).

Eli was so mad that he couldn't play in the water with the big kids, so by the end I finally plunked him in. He sat, and played, and got all wet too, so cute!

This is Bella's scary face, she's such a weirdo :)

Drew was dropping things down the waterfalls for a while until he got a really great idea and started sending Bella's baby down, she freaked. It was hilarious.

Look at this hot daddy with a baby seat on his bike! What a guy.....:)

I got some time alone to do some "crafting" in the afternoon so I made bella a shirt and some hair bows, she thought she was the bee's knees in her new outfit. Of course, I wasn't thinking of purple leggings when I made it but whatever :)

Mom gave me a charm bracelet with the kid's initials on it, that and this picture officially make me a mom. I mean, COME ON! Look at my mom-smile! (I actually asked for the bracelet and I think its totally cool, so its pretty much official, I don't even need the van).



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