Monday, March 7, 2011

Lunchtime with Lyla and Georgia--Nicole

My lunches for the girls and I have been shaped by 3 different things lately:
1) We need to eat more veggies
2) They don't like "normal" lunch things
3) I can't make 2 different meals: one for them and one for me and still be sane by evening time.

So...mix that with Lyla's new love of picnics and you get "ta-da" our lunches as of late. I'm slightly shocked by how healthy they are and how much my girls enjoy this lunch. Now before you go thinking that my girls are super weird, know that I did warm them up to this and force them to eat much of this for many days. But now, they get really excited about "crunchies." Which is what Lyla calls anything that she's allowed to make a loud crunching noise while eating.

A few tips:

1) Slice super thin and small at first
2) Give them these items (just a couple of each) as much as possible and withhold any fruit until they are eaten
3) Make it fun. We have daily crunching contests and try to make "smiles" out of our veggies too.

Now before you go thinking I'm some sort of healthy supermom, know that we've also been to in-n-out, had hotdogs and macarooni, and chips and guacamole for lunch in the past two weeks as well. But I had to start somewhere right?

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