Friday, June 11, 2010

Top Ten for the Summer

1. Swimming - duh :) I get to swim all year long but there's just something different and getting toasty in the sun and jumping in a cold pool. Three times a day. So glad my kids love it too!
2. Eyeliner and lipgloss - the only make up necessary if you're already sunkissed, love it.
3. Blonde Hair - the blonder the better in my opinion :) Actually it used to just be the sun and chlorine but now I have a little extra help.
4. Garden - not mine, matts but hey, its fun and he does it every summer. Salsa stuff and this year a lot more, he's so adorable.
5. Zucchalini - the name I made up for sauteed zucchini with cottage cheese. So yummy and we usually have an abundance of zucchini from the garden.
6. Iced tea from AJ's - I go everyday, so does matt. Its only fifty cents!
7. Dinner on the patio
8. Summer swim team. Aw memories....this year I'm a REAL swim team mom, omg :) I kinda still wish I could throw on a speedo and jump in and race at the meets (last year I did, haha).
9. Novels - for some reason, I only read them in the summer.
10. Smoothies - the perfect summer breakfast.


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