Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top Ten for Daddy

Ten things I love about Dad:

1. He's madly in love with, and pursues his relationship with mom - so inspiring and encouraging, they make me look forward to thirty years of marriage!
2. Dad makes everyday things exciting - everything is a game, a competition or a party! The other day while we were waiting in line, I taught Drew, Bella and friends "races" - a classic dad game when we used to have to wait around as kids, love it. :)
3. No complaining - I think it used to be because dad was always upbeat but its been great to see dad grow also in gratefulness to the Lord for everything.
4. He likes to try new things - from exercise plans to business plans to hobbies, we're always wondering whats going to be next....I think it keeps him young.
5. Dad hasn't stopped growing - there's always new evidence of God's work in Dad's life as he continually pursues Him year after year, I hope to be the same even in my old age :)
6. A great Grandad - it means so much to me that Dad loves my kids and enjoys spending time with them, especially since spending time with them is a little high-maintenance at this point, haha. From fishing to donuts, to books before bed, memories are being created and my kids are definitely huge grandad fans!
7. He makes family time a priority - it used to be family night, family devotions, dates with us. Now its family vacation, monthly visits and family dinner's on the patio, all so important to each of us and I'm thankful that dad taught us how and still makes it happen.
8. Dad loves the church - I always remember spending so much time at church and dad loving it, so we did too. Mostly the people, its definitely what gets him excited.
9. Evangelism as a lifestyle - grocery lines, door to door salesmen, soapbox preaching, people living with us, life 101, long-time relationships, you name it, dad's done it. I remember when he used to play basketball at the park and the guys would always say "Jesus Christ" in a cursing kind of way, and dad would point at them and say "is Lord and Savior".....bahahaha.
10. Of course, the thing I love most about dad is that he taught me how to love the Lord, even when I was being a major pain and it wasn't so fun, for this I'm forever grateful.

Happy Birthday/Fathers Day Daddy!


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