Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daddy's 50th birthday!

It has really been fun spending Daddy's 50th birthday with him fly fishing! One of the things I have always liked about daddy is his ZEAL! His zeal for life, for me for his family for his church and now I have been able to experience in person his zeal for fly fishing. I love how excited he gets and how he wants everyone around him to be as thrilled as he is. I feel so honored he wanted to share his love for fly fishing and his 50th birthday with me. I did loved being in the mountains and beautiful streams with him and swinging(I mean casting) the delicate long fly rod but I did take a few naps and did some reading while daddy fished and fished. It has been a great get a way with my best friend hope we can spend another 50 years together!


  1. Mrs L, the pictures are beautiful? Where did you go?

  2. In the White Mountains on the north fork of the White River just inside the turnoff to Hawley lake.