Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Amongst the many reason I love Trader Joe's=The Daffodils ~Timarie

So you simply CANNOT go into Trader Joe's during this season without buying their $1.29 Daffodils!!! It's just a MUST! They start out so as 8 small little buds but within 3 days they are bright and bursting with color blooms that fill up a vase! They pretty much make me smile every time I walk by! They are absolutely delightful! It's such a simple little joy in my life... but just one of the hundred and one reasons why I LOVE Spring!!! They also make a wonderful little "just because" gift for someone! I used to always bring them to Mrs. Abrams... Today it was Tori when I stopped over at her place! So fun!

Next time you are there... don't leave without some! ~Timarie

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