Monday, March 29, 2010


The best time of the year. I break out the flip flops, we grill, we make iced tea, and my girls get to wear rompers and sun dresses. Walks do not require socks, shoes, hats, jackets, blankets (I know we live in Cali, but we're cold wimps!) The days start to get longer, then really long thanks to the jolt from daylight savings. And the best part: flowers. EVERYWHERE!! It's been my attempt to bring my camera on some of our park days and walks to capture some of Sierra Madre's beauty this time of year, but well, it hasn't happened. You'll just have to settle with these which were taken at the "Flower Place." Also known as the empty lot (yes those actually exist in LA) across the street from us which is covered in pretty yellow flowers and has a big pile of sand in the middle. Needless to say, Lyla LOVES this place! We've been spending many of our mornings hanging out here especially since it's just across the street and we can jet back home to go "potty" since yes, we are in that training time. Dresses aren't just for looks, they also make this chore much easier! Hope you're enjoying spring!

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