Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daddy Days - becky*

Matt is super-dad. He does the coolest stuff with our kids on the days that he has them. I'm always excited to come home and hear what cool (and usually free unlike my big ideas haha) thing they did while I was gone.

Typical days involve free cookies for breakfast at A.J's, the dinosaur park (a.k.a. the riparian preserve), the library, home depot, free kids meals at "Chicken and Play" (a.k.a. chick-fil-a) and long bike ride.

Some days they toss it up, like last Saturday when a kind couple in our church let the kids come ride their ponies. One thing daddy doesn't do: hair, look at my ragamuffin! :) so cute.

A couple of weeks ago we were on our way to a wedding in Matt's truck and I spilled something on my dress. He reached into the basket behind his seat and pulled out a pack of baby wipes and handed me one, so cute. Pink pull-ups and wipes in the work truck :)

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