Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Valentine's Trip--Nicole

Each year (near Valentine's) Jonathan and I take a weekend trip with our dear friends Stephen and Karen--and only kids! We alternate which couple plans the trip--this year was our fourth year and our turn to plan. We decided to go to a place we'd already been (a first for our group) San Diego. Who doesn't LOVE San Diego, seriously, it's like the perfect city I think.

We had tons of fun doing what we love best: talking and eating. Well, we did make it to Balboa Park for a day and the beach, but mostly we just ate and talked and relaxed. I slept 10 hours the first night! That was as much as my last two night put together! When we weren't hanging with Stephen and Karen Jonathan and I had a really nice time just enjoying each other's company without two little squeakers in the picture.

Definitely enjoyed this weekend more
now that I have kids, but was definitely ready to get back to them as well. They enjoyed their weekend with grandma thoroughly. (The day after we got back I gave Lyla a snack of pretzels and she told me, "Grandma gives me cookies.") So thanks Grandma. :) Thanks Jonathan for working hard so we can have vacations and thanks Stephen and Karen for starting this tradition with us...until next year!

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