Monday, January 17, 2011

Never knew I'd be so grateful for such simple things....

Ten things I never understood to be a luxury until I became a mommy:

1. Painting my toenails....wait...first trimming my toenails! Why is this so hard? It only takes five minutes and it seems like I can never find the time! I talked to a mommy-friend the other day who has had a pedicure on since last Fall, bahahaha!

2. Eating lunch/sitting down while eating lunch. If I was rich, I would go out every day for lunch. One more mess, everyone needs a nap (including me) , groceries are sitting in the car, breakfast dishes still need to be done, backpacks and shoes thrown on the floor, etc. etc.

3. Getting my car washed. Oooooo, it feels so amazing driving off from the car wash for that five minutes without any fingerprints on the windows or goldfish on the floor! Except that even after your coupon and smile at the car wash guy, you still had to pay eleven bucks for it! :/

4. Talking to my hubby. We live together. It shouldn't be this hard to have a complete conversation. I used to think people were so weird to have to go on a date night just to talk. Haha, okay I get it now. At least he is still one of my luxuries :) Sometimes I text him when we are both in the same room just to get through more clearly, hee hee :)

5. Drinking a cup of coffee. From beginning to end. Without having to microwave it. Yeah, not going to happen for a few years, its cool. It always reminds me of finding moms coffee in the microwave at 1pm when we were making lunch haha.

6. Taking a shower. Ahhhhh, i feel like a went to a day spa when I get to shower, get dressed and put on lotion all without being interrupted. Never really happens unless I'm at work, hee hee.

7. Driving 25 minutes to work. I used to think the swim school was too far away. Now its my favorite :) I can think about whatever I want, talk on the phone or be in complete silence, amazing.

8. Reading my bible. Well, reading my bible and actually comprehending what I'm reading. So hard to get done but so worth it!

9. Going to the mall. I used to go to the mall all the time! Shop the sales, grab a latte, blah blah. T and I had quite the eventful mall trip that left us exhausted and needing a martini over christmas, it was fun but no way could I shop the sales, even with half of my kids. Guess my clothes are from Target and Savers for the time being :)

10. A clean bathroom. For some reason, this really does it for me. My life can be chaos but if I take time to make the bathroom shiny and mold-free (haha), I'm in such a good mood. hee hee

They do ruin my life on a regular basis, but who could resist this cute people? Love being their mommy :) Ruin away...

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