Saturday, January 22, 2011

All Things become new!

As I was doing a lot of pruning in our yard after the deep freeze we had after Christmas I was reminded of the pruning My precious Heavenly Father has done in my life in this last year and although I think it has been one of the most difficult trials in my life(nothing compared to how so many others suffer) I am seeing new growth! I love His word more, I pray more, I know how very weak and dependent on Him for every breath and every hour of sleep and how I desire so much to be in heaven with Him. The things of this earth are not so appealing to me and the hope I have of eternity with Him excites my soul like never before! I can now see how it was good for me to have this trial and I can thank Him for it. I am so grateful to feel like myself again and so grateful for daddy especially to love me each day when I was unloveable and for you my precious girls for supporting me through those dark days when I didn't even like myself.

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