Friday, February 25, 2011

Hot Hair, It's worth it--Nicole

I'm huge, but I'm hot. I'm about 1 week away from a baby, I look like I have a basketball in my shirt. I'm not joking, look below. Last night I was at the mall waiting for an elevator (cause I sure as heck am not taking the stairs) and a little girl came out with her mom, looked at me then looked at her mom and said, "Wow Mom!"

But did that hurt my feelings? Am I bothered by the ridiculously stupid and insensitive things people say to you when you are 9 months pregnant? Of course not. Because I have hot hair. It's long, it's highlighted to perfection (thank you Michelle) and I make it a point to actually do it cause it's worth it and I have super cute headbands to accessorize it. I mean it's not like I can have some stylish outfit or something since I need to wear tennis shoes all day so I don't need a wheelchair by the end of the night.

So if you were considering spending an ungodly amount to have hot hair, I say do it. It's worth it. Especially for all you mommies between sizes and babies and not exactly sure what you're "pre-birth" weight actually was and if you'll ever fit back into those jeans (you probably won't, just buy new ones) just go for the hot hair, it's the best ever.

And why don't I have more pics of this hot hair. Well Lyla and Georgia for starters. And who really wants a picture of yourself when you're super pregnant of your big belly? My mom and...exactly. And for all of you people who want to see a "preggo pic" here it is in all of it's HUGE glory.

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  1. you DO have great hair....but where is the pic?? ;-)