Saturday, February 26, 2011

Omg Retro!

Check out what I thrifted! Retro pots! Perfect for my kitchen :) Yay!

Look at the flowers on the pyrex, soooo sunny and cute !

So glad mom taught us how to thrift.....I also got three dresses, a pair of jeans, a cute yellow shirt, dress shirt for matt annnnnd a vacuum! Score!

Of course, even though I inherited the thrifting gift from mom, I STILL feel strange using a coupon at the Goodwill! ha! oh well, I still do it, not worries, mom, just feel like I'm jipping the place :)

Although while I was shopping I found at least ten things that I was like "oh cute", and then "oh wait, thats mine that I just donated" bahahaha.....


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  1. So cute! Love it! Thanks for the sweet comment. Have a great weekend :)