Thursday, February 24, 2011

You can never go wrong with good hair, I say its the spice of life! Wherever you go, there it is (profound, I know). They say "its whats inside that counts" but I totally disagree....I don't have to stare at your insides....but I do have to stare at your hair!

haha, jk :) but on a serious note, hair is hard and who has time for it? I'm here to show you how to go from "death on a cracker" to "movie star madness" in just 20 minutes!

What you'll need:

A VERY large round-brush (it has to be metal so that it will heat up and the air can pass through, Target $5.99, the biggest one there)
One Clip
A hairdryer
Flat iron

Step 1: Let hair air dry until only the roots are wet and the ends are damp.

Note: This shortens the process by about 20 minutes and keep your hair from being fried. I suggest jumping on the trampoline for ideal dampness. If you don't have time to air dry, turn your head upsidedown, use your hair dryer about 6 inches away and go nuts for a few minutes.

Step 2: Clip almost all of your hair back except the bottom layer.

Common R-B mistake: Trying to dry too much at once. The top gets fried, the bottom is still wet, and all of your fullness is at the bottom, not the top. Nightmare.

Note: Work in thin layers, small pieces. Its worth the time to be hot :)

Step 3: Wrap your hair around the brush using your dominant hand, with the hair dryer about 3 inches from your head on the highest setting, blow your roots, AND ONLY YOUR ROOTS dry, pulling the hairbrush out and scooping the hair back up about 3-4 times until the roots are dry.

Common R-B mistake: Trying to "straighten" or "form" the hair. The root of your hair is what gives you volume and dictates how your hair will fall. It should always be styled in the opposite direction of how you want your hair to fall (aka, if you want your bangs to fall to the right, they should be blown to the left).

Note: Don't worry about the ends of your hair, we're trying not to fry them and we can shape them later with the flat iron.

Step 4: Work in layers remember to pull hair OUT and not DOWN

Note: Press the "cool" setting on your dryer for the last run-through of each piece, this cools the hair and sets the volume.

See! You're halfway done!

Step 5: When you get to the crown of your head, start pulling UP and not out for maximum volume (and we do want maximum volume ladies!!)

Note: The MOST important place to get this right is the top-back of your head where it will show the most. This is the flattest spot for most hair (where one day you will start to bald, hee hee, talk about a danger zone!)

Step 6: I like to round my bangs forward but some do it back, your preference, just remember, up up up!

Okay so now that your arms are about to fall off and you're about to pass out from heat exhaustion, you're done with the hair dryer! Buuuutttt, you still look like a hot mess. So now that your roots are under control, its time to "form the ends".

Note: If you have shorter hair, this step may not be as necessary but usually helps to smooth out and make it look "finished".

Step 7: Section your hair off again, like we did at the beginning. Gently run the flat iron over each section of hair from the MID-SHAFT down, do NOT start at the top, you're only working the ends here folks.

Common R-B mistake: Straightening too much and taking away all the volume you just created.

See the difference? The right side is unfinished and the left looks smooth and nice?

The end. Now you have hot hair to go pick up your kids from school and do laundry. bahahahahaha

Well its better then doing my laundry looking like death on a cracker! :)


  1. seriously my favorite blog post of all time. LOVE IT! Thanks for all helpful tips and well the good laugh :)

  2. SOOOoo helpful! and pretty it:) 'cuz we all want to look awesome while folding laundry, right? ;)

  3. This was hysterical, Bec! Thanks for the tips!