Thursday, February 3, 2011

I recently picked up this cd from the church bookstore in an effort to get a little more scripture in my kids heads. And while tle the kids are loving it, low and behold guess who is the one crying in the front seat while driving down the road while listening to it? :) Guess mommy needed more scripture in her head too, hee hee.

While the tunes are geared towards little ones I find that shouting "I want to be like Jesus!" and "Good and gracious, you never change!" is actually really great for adults too :)

Since I keep this in the car and that's usually when I'm about ready to lash out irrationally at someone, my current favorite is "Give me Self-Control" - "Lord, I'm needy, so I'm pleading, Come and fill me, Help me to be self-controlled".

Yikes, I'm such a mom :)

And look who I found while looking for the cd pick? Uncle Jonathan! Drew thought that was hilarious for some reason....



  1. great post I remember reading Romans 8 to Jon when he ask me to right before his appendectomy. He fell asleep while I read and as I came to the end of the chapter I realized this was for me not Jon. I was so comforted by God's greatness HIs sovereignty that my fears and anxieties were calmed and I experienced the peace that passes all understanding as they wheeled my little boy into surgery.

  2. Hey girl! Long time no see! I'm stuck home with a sick baby and re-discovered your blog. It was nice to "catch up!" Love and miss you guys!