Saturday, February 5, 2011

Womanly Dominion-MOM

"Stay at home moms maybe underpaid , but they're certainly not under challenged! It is a profession of diversified adventures and borderless frontiers!" ie

24 hour mothering
chef and house keeper
managing a domestic budget
scheduling a complex calender
educating a diverse student body
a consultant and helper to her husband
home decorator
thrifty money saving shopper
the and list goes on...............

I can honestly say in almost 30 years of marriage and domestic engineering I have never been bored or under- challenged in caring for my husband , children. and home.I cherish my God given role and delight in full-filling it and I am so proud of you my girls for the way you love and serve your husbands and children in your homes. At times it is challenging and even hard and sometimes thankless but your Heavenly Father sees all and "What ever you sow you will reap" and one day your will hear Him say "Well done my good and faithful servants" Love you

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