Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 Favorite Moments of My Day--Nicole

1. Coffee, coffee coffee. Especially in this phase of multiple night wakings, and early Georgia wakings, having my husband bring me coffee in bed each morning is about the only way of convincing me life is worth living. Okay so I'm being a little dramatic, but let's just say that the quote from Ocean's 11 "Are you suicidal? Only in the morning." is often quoted to me by Jonathan. Drinking that cup of coffee from the comfort of my bed before my feet hit the ground and I see all that I need to do for the day is a great way to begin. (Thanks honey!)

2. Playing with my girls. After breakfast before Georgia's nap, I always sit down and play with the girls. Lately we've been cooking oatmeal and macaroni and cheese in Lyla's kitchen, but sometimes we read books, or build towers or wrap babies in blankets. (in each activity Georgia contributes by putting the said items in her mouth.) It's a nice way to start off the day, before chores, before we're dressed, while everyone is well rested and fed.

3. Afternoon chats. By the time I get the kids down for a nap my house is pretty messy, dinner needs prepped and I'm ready for a nap. Having my afternoon chat with Becky helps me get past the after lunch drowsiness into the kicking domestic booty part of my day. Being able to chat takes my mind off the billions of dishes, gross food chunks on the ground and the loads of laundry. Plus she's such a godly fun woman to chat with, not to mention my BFF!

4. Girls Bedtime. I get to feed Georgia and rock her to sleep without fear that Lyla is baptizing her baby in the toilet or some other favorite toddler pastime. I can just sit and hold her for awhile. Usually I do that while I hear Lyla giggling while her daddy is reading her some stories (more tickling that stories most of the time!). After Georgia is down I get to snuggle with Lyla (the only time she's still all day) and depending on who puts her down I get to pray with her and tickle her back. Once the girls are down, I get to hang out with my favorite person: we always talk about how cute our kids are and the rest of our life, mostly in that order.

5. Laying down once I'm ready for bed. Need I say more?

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