Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day! - becky*

Okay, so I'm a little obsessed with gets a little out of control. What can I say? I got it from mom. Now its so cute that Drewby has followed suit and of course, whenever food is involved, you can count on Bella to get involved.

We started the day with good morning surprises. Bat man underwear for Drew, princess lipgloss for Bella, homemade aftershave for matt (his request, haha) and roses from my darling husband!

We had a little brunch at AJ's before church, don't they look cute?!

Then off to church to hand out our valentines, I mean worship/listen to the preached word, haha. Last week the kids made these adorable flowers out of foam hearts and lolipops for their friends at church, although Drew brought his Spiderman valentines to school since the flowers are "only for my girlfriends, not for the boys" he says.

And since I think I'm still 16, of course I had to make Valentines for my girlfriends, although I think my gift was QUITE grown up as it involved using vodka, haha. Homemade all natural vanilla extract.

We had lunch with Greg and Lynn for MORE valentine treats for the kids, my husband gave me a nap, woo hoo, then he went out while the kids and I got things ready for our big family Valentines dinner.

I copied Hayley's lovely mother and made heart-shaped meat loaf and my own new creation: hot pink mashed potatoes, the kids were quite impressed, haha. The only thing I couldn't make red or pink was the zucchini. I got french-berry sparkling lemonade and I think Drew and Bell had five glasses each out of their real champagne glass which of course, Drew broke at the end of the night, hehe. I told Bell it was call "champagne" and she kept chugging hers and remarking loudly "mmmmmm, I LOVE champagne!".

After dinner we sat out by the fire and had candy and cookies and after a through tooth brush, put the kids to bed and enjoyed our own little valentines! :)

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