Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day! ~Timarie

Kinda anti-climatic when you are single :) BUT did receive flowers that are lovely, and (I know this sounds boring, lonely, and dumb) but spent the day studying... WHICH TODAY totally paid off BECAUSE I got a 96% on my Nursing Exam and got an "A" for this unit which totally rocks!!! So I'm glad I did!
But the weekend as a whole was quite enjoyable as our wonderful, manly, thoughtful, handsome, kind, precious, amazing CG guys showed up at girls CG friday night and brought us over to my house for a delightful evening of well prepared desserts, entertainment, a fire and fellowship with them which blessed us girls very much! They were so cute and it was so well thought through and truly a blessing that single guys would go to the effort to bless the single girls in this way!
I of course, dressed in pink Sunday and wore a pink with hearts on it headband to church! I have to say... was pretty subtle but pretty adorable! And then went to lunch with the singles which was fun too!

So much grace this year, just being able to enjoy the day, the parts of it I am blessed with, in the little things (dressing up, flowers, being with friends) and really didn't have to deal with the 'why me'/'why don't I have someone' discontentment! Our CG girls dialogued about the possible struggle on this holiday earlier in the week and that helped to know where everyone was at, but altogether it was just a really enjoyable chill holiday for me this year, so yay!


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