Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My 5 fav moments of the day - becky*

Coffee in the dark - doesn't always happen now that I'm requiring a bit more sleep but sitting alone on my couch while its still dark and everyone is asleep savoring the first few sips of especially hot coffee while reading, browsing the web,or just staring at the wall, ahh the best.

Quiet time - now that naps have gone out of style around here, quiet time is slowly working its way up to 1&1/2 hours of kids on their beds, doing something quiet. That leaves me talking on the phone with Nicole while we do our housework and dinner prep. Well, that is, most of the time :) I have to admit sometimes its tanning in the backyard or writing on the blog, haha, I need to get to work around here.

The five o'clock hour - since I'm only home at this time three or four nights a week I especially love this hour. Usually the kids are running around the back or riding bikes, the house is actually cleaned up a bit, I'm finishing up dinner and Matt is working on some project. All the doors and windows are open, Uncle Jon is driving by honking, the neighbor comes over to chat with Matt, the hose is on in the garden, buddy is running away, cheese and chips are out for snacks. Now that I type this, it sounds a little wild. Guess that's the way I like it.

Family time - out by the fire, playing a game, listening to daddy read "how to eat fried worms", bike rides, library movies, wrestling. Whatever it is, its SO much fun hanging out as a family now that the kids are getting bigger, love it.

Hanging out with Matt - the kids are in bed, everything is cleaned up, Matt and I can read, talk, watch movies, work on projects, just be together. Now that the kids go to bed earlier, I especially look forward to the extended time of hanging out with my cute husband.


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