Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 favorite moments of my day ~Timarie

1) A LARGE cup of black coffee- just screams comfort! I go downstairs, or recently- mom brings it up after hearing my alarm go off a thousand times, and I simply sit right down in my purple chair and sip it, savoring each sip! SO GOOD!!!

2) My devo. I'm in a season of my life where I am SO BLESSED to have the opportunity to have long morning reading times! I have many open mornings this semester, I don't have kids and wife-duties to attend to, and I enjoy/prioritize my times with God... which all play into the ability to enjoy long devotional times most mornings!!! I feel extremely privileged for this in this season of my life and thoroughly enjoy when I get to have them!

3) Going running! Surprise surprise I know... but it's delightful, invigorating, a feeling of accomplishment, and just a time to be by myself and pound the pavement :)

4) Driving. To school, work, the hospital, church, wherev... I just like to be by myself... Most often I'm rocking out to country music, but sometimes I just enjoy the quiet and think. I sometimes try to use it as prayer time, or at least seize the moment before an event to ask for help from my Savior in how to encounter it, or after an event to thank Him for it. On long drives (especially to Phoenix) I like to listen to messages. Car time also = phone call time! It's probably my favorite time to talk to my sisters or anyone really cause I feel the least distracted (which I know only makes half sense, but really I AM focused on the road) and feel like I'm actually using the time instead of wasting it! I also thoroughly enjoy reporting to my sister's the ridiculous or random or rememberable events of my current day's activities.

5) Reading right before I go to sleep, horizontally, in bed. I LOVE my bed, and although it's usually only for about 5 minutes cause I'm so tired..I like it. I read either a runner's world article, a book I'm currently in, or our family night book I'm trying to get read before Monday night :) and it's just my laying in bed, winding down time, before I role over and review the day and hit the hay!


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