Monday, February 22, 2010

Five Favorite Moments of the Day-MOM

First is my quiet time, after I get up get my coffee I love sitting in my chair in my room surrounded by my books and now days a few pairs of reading glasses. I love the quiet and watching the sun rise this time of year. Best of all is reading my bible and other books for a whole hour, this is such a luxury as you girls know in your busy seasons of life.
My second favorite time of day is walking especially seeing the mountains and desert scenery listening to music and praying!
Third I do like preparing our home and dinner before everyone gets home!
Fourth is when everyone starts trickling in especially daddy we catch up on the day have a glass of wine.
Number 5 would be crawling into bed AWE praying with daddy and thanking God for the gift of sleep!
Very simple moments of the day but these moments make each daily very special to me!

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