Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day--Nicole

It's amazing how much Valentine's Day doesn't matter when you're happily married. Seriously. I totally remember being single and feeling like it should be titled "Single Awareness Day" instead of Valentine's. And then I remember my first year of being married how it was kind of a big deal with all these expectations for Jonathan that of course ended in a fight. Ha! And here we are celebrating our 6th Valentine's together and it's so different. Someone asked me what we were doing for me for Valentine's and I was like, "Nothing really, I mean when you have an awesome husband all year long, this day is kind of like every other." Jonathan does so many things to show me he loves me all year long, I'm such a blessed gal to be married to him!

Not to say getting flowers and going out on a hot date for Valentine's isn't super fun. And not to say the fact that we're going on a weekend getaway this weekend isn't amazing! It's just that when we didn't do anything valentiney on the actual day I wasn't disappointed. I was still married to the most amazing guy ever!

So what do you do when you come to this realization in your marriage? Go to Disneyland, duh! And though I managed to get my girls dressed cute for church and take a picture, I didn't get any at Disneyland, oh well, next time!

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  1. Umm I'm sorry but Georgia's outfit pretty much screams "homeschool" baby!!!