Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Precious moment-MOM

Before I forget but I hope I won't I want to share a precious moment that happened on New Years Eve. I was at the hospital with Jon in the pre-op holding room awaiting his appendectomy and Jon ask me to read him Romans 8. I said the whole chapter he said yes. I began and as I did he closed his eyes I continued reading until the end of the chapter and he was sound asleep. As I sat watching my 6"2 180 lbs son with his feet hanging off the end of the stretcher sleeping peacefully I was very aware of my heart being at peace. I realized reading God's word which is perfect and addresses every situation that comes to us us in life was more for my heart at this moment than for Jon's. So thankful God meets us wherever we are and His word is Truth and peace for my heart.

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