Monday, February 8, 2010

What do you do when you've watched every episode of Gilmore Girls 15 times?

For someone who doesn't own a tv, I still manage to waste my time watching ridiculous shows that my husband loves to mock. My new favorite: "Monarch of the Glen" - Even more embarrassing, its a BBC special from 1999! haha, I found it on Netflix as I had a gigantic pile of laundry awaiting folding and a night to my self.

Its about a family who owns an estate in Scotland and have run out of family money. Their son leaves his life in London to come home and save the estate by turning it into a B&B. The main characters include his crazy parents, the lovely schoolteacher who lives down the way and the hilarious staff who works on the estate.

Okay, so the best part are the accents and the fact that they still run around in kilts but there's some drama as well :)

Since Matt was out of town this weekend, I have to admit that while working on his valentine gift (making an album of his first mom's old pictures) I watched six episodes (cringe) haha!


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