Friday, January 22, 2010

B&B nights... my new thing! ~Timarie

No this is not a "go green" post, although I am definitely into recycling! My lone beer bottle in the bin just reflected my evening and dad also thought it was kinda picturesque when he walked by, so I captured it via camera. I have decided that on home along nights, when I'm tempted to come up with a 100 +1 reasons why I feel sorry for myself, should not be home alone, or other ridiculous discontented untruths, that I'm going to have "Beer and Bible" nights!!! Beer because it's delicious, and bible because I need TRUTH to combat my sinful self, to be renewed, and to use it's double edged sword sharpness to dig into my heart and reveal what is really there?! So I had my first B&B night tonight, and it was delightful. Studied friendship in the bible, enjoyed a brewski (where does dad come up with his words?) and besides, who am I kidding, I LOVE being home alone! I guess it just hits you differently on different nights...



  1. I love this Timarie...I have the same habit, just with a Martini!

  2. Great idea to combine truth and a adult beverage but just 1 beverage lots of TRUTH Love you mom great to see you growing in TRUTH