Saturday, January 16, 2010

Influence from the Lambros Chicks--Nicole

Ah, a week in AZ to visit the fam. Super fun. Tons of work. Couldn't have done it without my amazing friend Jenna who spent the whole week helping me with the girls. (Jonathan was out of town, so I was flying solo...kinda) It was so nice to be back today at my job of caring for these kids and this home. Grains are soaking, smells like bleach, picked up my food from the co-op, made a Trader Joe's run. (I know mom, I need to start some laundry...I'll get there.)

Anyway, as I was doing all of these things today I was thanking God for the Lambros chicks I was able to spend my week with. I'm so thankful I have them as influences in my life. They really are some amazing, godly women and each time I get to hang out with them in person I really come away challenged and motivated to be more like them.

Mom: She's always looking for something to do with whatever time she has. 5 minutes? Empty the dishwasher. 30 minutes? Run to the store to grab the missing ingredient for dinner. 60 minutes while the kids are sleeping? Clean up, talk to dad, make a list for the store, check email. She is a vision of the Titus 2 woman being "busy in the home." Thanks mom for the constant example of Nike in the domestic life. (Just Do It)

Becky: I generally come away from Becky challenged to look out for my appearance. I don't mean to make her sound superficial at all. I usually come back from Becky's with a new idea for my hair, a new fashion trend, some new amazing makeup addition. But what I really seem to come away with is a desire to please my husband by looking great! She does such a great job of honoring Matt in this area. It's so easy to put my hair in a ponytail, but Jonathan likes it down and styled. It's easy to wear a t-shirt and jeans, but it's also good to dress up too. Becky makes doing these things look good and fun too! Thanks for the beauty tips, but also for reminding me to romance and woo my husband!

Timarie: She really values other people's input in her life. (Even from bub!) Really values. Like she actually listens to it and changes her ways because of it. That humility is something that I need. Even her New Year's resolution about chilling out a bit more. She wrote it as kind of a joke, but it's not really and it's mostly cause others around her have encouraged her to slow down life a bit. Humility mixed with motivation to change. No wonder she's so amazing! Thanks T both for listening and applying what others input into your life.

Aunt Mary: Okay, so she doesn't actually post on this blog, but she is a Lambros chick and she is amazing and she certainly challenges me, so I'm including her. Everytime I hang out at Aunt Mary's house I'm challenged to be a better housekeeper. Her house is seriously the cleanest home I regularly spend time in. Aunt Mary does an amazing job of having a spotless home, but making you feel so welcome, you're comfortable enough to hang out, make a mess without fear of ruining her life. It's so peaceful to hang out in a clean home. But it's even more peaceful to hang out in a clean home that you don't feel terrible if your toddler litters with toys. Thanks Aunt Mary for showing me it's possible to have a clean oven, but also for not blinking an eye when I leave the bathroom mirror covered with water spots. You're amazing!

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