Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions MOM

I did not always look forward to New Years and making goals. I would make goals with no action plans and the year would fly by and I would be discouraged. I don't remember what year it was another Christmas when daddy bought me yet another planner and taught me how to make an action plan for each goal. Also my motivation to make the most of everyday from Ephesians 5:15 . aheart change from with-in change my motivation. So this year when I pulled out my 2009 I was excited to see where God had grown me with a little discipline on my part, and this further encouraged me to continue in the good work He had begun in me!

2010 Areas for Grow in

1. Read more
Action plan :Read 15 min before bed and 10 min after devotions(read 10 books in 2009 !)will add 10min after my morning devotions this year.
2. Serve more
Action plan:After serving my family first
Serve at the homeless shelter 2x monthly on Tuesday afternoons
Serve Abbey for a mom's afternoon out once or twice a month on Fridays
Serve at our church on greeting team monthly, organize kitchen supplies and keep supplies stocked, serve care group leaders wives more intently and personally i.e.. phone call ,emails lunches and prayer for each of them
Serve with daddy marriage prep class and counseling that comes up
Serve in the Nogolas ministry which leads to my next goal
3.Learn Spanish
Action plan sit down on Monday Wed. and Friday am and do 30min of Rosetta Stone on my computer just like a class in college (I need accountability for this I hardly ever sit down after I come down stairs you girls know that!)
4.Build more muscle (I don't have much)
Action plan :
Increasing my push-ups from 10/day to 20/ day 3-4 times a week
Increasing my sit-ups from 80- to 100/day 3-4 times weekly M-W-F and Sat
Increasing my squats from 10/day to 2o/day 3-4 times weekly
this will all be gradual started yesterday and I'm already sore was lazy over holidays
Continue to walk 40 minutes 3-4 times weekly during the nice weather and hit the pool come summer with a goal to swim 20 laps up from 10 after my water aerobics
Also have 2-3 hikes/month planned until it gets too hot!
5.Take 6 week EKG class at work I have been putting this off for 2 years and it's on my evaluation this is the year!

Sounds like a lot but is is really increasing last years goals with a few extras and I am confident in this that He who had begun a good work in me will continue it until His return or the end of my life here on the earth . I am excited and encourage as I look for ward to how God will grow me in 2010! To Him be the glory great things He has done!

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