Friday, January 29, 2010

Kitchen Aid--Nicole

I feel like I now have a rite of passage as an actual cook. Now that I own one, it's like I actually really truly am a serious cook. I mean I have it sitting on my counter and everything. I really never thought I would actually get to own one until I was like a mom of 4, driving to soccer practice, teaching my teenager to drive, baking tons of cookies for a bake sale for one of the kids classes--you know like a real mom. :) But there it sits on my counter with it's shiny red brightness, awaiting my use.

And I really have been using it. It's totally true that you use it more if it's on the counter--I use it for basically anything that needs stirring. It's like having an extra servant in my kitchen, seriously!

So thanks to my amazing hubby who bought me this for Christmas (hence the obnoxious photo--sorry Beck) and for Becky who was the middle woman finagling a deal on Craig's List. I may not be Julia Child or even Rachel Ray, but at least I have one of the key tools in my kitchen!

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