Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh to Resolve........becky*

Some goals for this year:

Stay at home more then less: There were maybe 5 or 6 days last year that I stayed at home the entire day (most of them due to the lack of air conditioning in my car, haha). It was absolutely amazing all that I got done. Things just get done when you don't leave the house (I know mom, you've been telling me this for years) :).

Play with my kids: I'm with them a lot but I'm busy doing chores, cooking, etc. We don't actually play very often but they love it when I do take a few minutes. I remember when mom would play barbies with me, it was a highlight for sure. These days its getting dirty in the sandbox or the fort with my monkeys.

Become better friends with Matt: Oh we love each other, have a great marriage, super romantic, blah blah but Matt loves it when I do things that he likes and lately I've been enjoying just hanging out with him. He's a pretty cool guy (if you haven't noticed). This week its watching his current fav show together: Dirty Jobs. Next week he wants me to go spelunking with him (blah! I hate caves!) Who knows? Next week I'll be out smoking a pipe with him :).

Pursue this eating naturally thing: Where to start, where to relax, where to be a freak, who knows? I feel like I'm swimming in information, desiring to do everything different and constantly being pushed under by the budget and time limitations. Someday I'll be a freak, for now I'm sticking to one thing at a time. Last month: Raw milk and fresh eggs. This month: Kerrygold Irish butter and locally picked oranges. Next month: buy and slaughter my own cow. Jk :)

Start a garden: I know I know! Many failed attempts. I think the "staying at home more" might help this area a little. Plus, Matt is super into gardening so I basically just have to help. So my backyard won't look like Mom's paradise by next year but maybe, just maybe I can sustain life for most of the year :).

Last years goals went pretty well (except the hair). I read, I cleaned my car, I became an olympic swimmer (well I attend the Olympic development class). The Lord has been kind to allow me to grow as a wife, mom, person. I'm truly grateful that I'm not the same girl I was last year. I have some spiritual goals too but I think I'll save those fore care group not the web :)


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  1. Becky-- we started a garden recently. Have you heard of square foot gardening?
    It's super easy to make and maintain, and your kids could have their own squares! :) Congrats on your pregnancy btw!