Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Red Kitchen Aid-MOM

My most surprising gift came in the mail two weeks before Christmas just in time for Christmas baking. I opened this big box to find my mom had sent us a red (my favorite color and my kitchen color) Kitchen Aid. That evening the whole family,( that is that still lives at home) became involved with the baking ( guys like machines and this is quite a machine) We all made a double batch of pumpkin chocolate chip bread, a batch of hello dolly's and a batch of sugar cookie dough. This usually takes me three separate days to make and we had it done all in one night! I cleared a place on the counter and am frequently reminded of my mom generousity and other ways I can use it like twice baked potatoes. Having a kitchen aid is exactly like it's name ,it is like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. How did I ever live without one?

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