Friday, January 1, 2010

My life is--Timarie

Full of change! When I look back to LAST December, I was thinking about getting married, stoked I had gotten into Nursing School so quickly, and my closest friends were all single! So much changes in just a year! This week is a good reflection as I changed my room around – because I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, hung out with Heather and Tori – both of which are married and in their own apartments learning the joys of caring for a husband and home, and planned a classy Singles CG party – because the more parties you do with the same people the more creative you have to get! College, is so big and seems so long when you begin, but now that I’m a year away from graduating I, all of a sudden am struck with ‘then what am I going to do?’

Life is always interesting and I truly enjoy the craziness of it all! I love that I have a new job or job offer every 6 months – coaching at Trinity has been so much fun, I love it and the golf course wants me back as of yesterday… so I might take on Saturdays! I love that God brings into my life new friendships each season of life – believers and unbelievers! I love that God continues to grow passions He’s placed in my life – for church planting, love for the people in Mexico, and also stirs new ones as time goes on – like my excitement about being in medicine and the opportunities he has ordained for me in this career field!!!

Life isn’t always fun, isn’t always easy, but is always good!!!

And I’m so glad I can honestly say that!! :) ~Timarie

I know the bed isn’t made… but I just wanted to show you how I re-arranged, and yes those are my knew snowboarding sheets!! I know they are boy sheets but I really like them :)

The rest of the changes are just little and everything is simplified and clean!!!

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  1. Hey T
    I think you are finally content where God has you (well most days) and we are here to remind you of how blessed you are and that your are never outside of God's sovereign plan for your life! So good to learn this truth when you are young, that life is not always fun and happy but it is good and keeps us focused on : this is not our home He has something so much better! To be in HIs presence forever!